Redeemer Lutheran Church  210 Alvarado Dr. SE Albuquerque, NM 87108  Phone:(505)256-9881  FAX:(505)268-6842
office  Pastor John Heffelfinger
Church Calendar: 


May, June and  July


May 2018

5/6/18  Easter 6 Sunday                                                9:00 = w/ HC

5/13/18 Ascension Sunday!      + Mother’s Day!      11:30 = w/ HC

5/20/18 PENTECOST Sun.!+VOTERS MTG +[Fellowship evening]   9am=HC

Monday, 5/21 Coffee & Donuts for our neighbors 9:00 am (week early due to Memorial)

5/27/18 TRINITY Sunday! + Memorial Wkend                  11:30 = w/ HC

June 2018

6/3/18     VBS Kick Off: jumpers & Climbing Wall

6/3/18     Pentecost 2 Sunday                                                     9:00 am = w/HC

6/10/18   Pentecost 3 Sunday                                                          11:30 am = w/ HC

6/17/18   Pentecost 4 Sunday        +Fathers Day                             9:00 am=w/HC

June 18-22 Mon-Fri, Vacation Bible School!   (9 am – 12:30 pm)

6/24/18   Pentecost 5 Sunday                                                   11:30 am = w/HC

Monday, 6/21 Coffee & Donuts for our neighbors 9:00 am + evaluate

July 2018

7/1/18     Pentecost 6 Sunday// July 4thSunday                       9:00=w/HC

7/8/18      Pentecost 7 Sunday                                                      11:30=w/HC

7/15/18   Pentecost 8 Sunday Install Officers                                 9:00 = w/ HC

7/22/18   Pentecost 9 Sunday                                                            11:30=w/HC

7/29/18   Pentecost 10  Sunday                                               9:00 am & 11:30 am=w/HC

HC = Holy Communion offered at this service. Most of the time we alternate weekly between the 9:00 and the 11:30 services.
Background watercolor by Willard Schroeder, a former member of Redeemer who has gone on to heaven.

Bible Studies & Classes!


Sunday School – classes for the younger ages available on Sundays, 10:15 a.m.  Call Angela 220-1127

 Sunday Adult Bible Class – studying passages of the Bible on Sundays, 10:15am.

  Tuesday Evenings Bible Class with the Pastor - “Moses: OT & NT”  Join us Tuesday evenings at 6:30. 


date & time: The last Monday of every month, 9:00am

May 21, 2018      

Come join in on this community fellowship with our neighbors!

Come to the northwest entrance, across from the Post Office

We will be offering coffee, donuts, oatmeal, and fellowship!


VBS Kick Off and PreRegistration  Will be June 3, 2018    12:30 until 3:00 pm
               Children will have fun on the Climbing Wall and Jump House at the VBS Kick Off!

Vacation Bible School – June 18 through 22nd      9am to 12pm     (Registration Form below)

You may copy, paste to word with .25 margins and print the form below.
    Fill it out and return it to  Redeemer Lutheran Church in one of the following ways:
        Put the form in the Church office mail slot.
        Mail the form to: Redeemer Lutheran Church, 210 Alvarado Dr. SE, Albuquerque, NM  87108.
        eMail the form to:

Mighty Fortress Registration Form

Redeemer Lutheran Church Vacation Bible School - June 18-22, 2018



Name: ________________________________________________________ Age: __________________



Grade Next Year: ________ T-shirt Size: _______________ Birth Date: _______ /_______ /__________

                                                                Youth – small, medium, large or Adult – small, medium, large, extra large


Parent(s) or Legal

Guardian(s) Name(s): __________________________________________________________________



Street Address: _______________________________________________________________________



City: ________________________________________ State: ________ Zip Code: _________________



Main Contact #: (_____) ________-_____________  Work #: (________) ________-_______________



Email Address: _______________________________________________________________________



Name of your Home Church, if any: ______________________________________________________


Please Any Allergies, medical conditions, or medical needs including inhalers or epinerpherine pen:





Emergency contacts (Name, Relation, Phone #):     Is this person allowed to pick up your child in your absence?:



_____________________________________________________________________          Y          N



_____________________________________________________________________          Y          N



I (we), the undersigned parent(s) or guardian(s) of the minors listed above; do hereby authorize the staff and adult volunteers of Redeemer Lutheran Church as agent(s) for the undersigned, to consent to any medical or surgical care deemed advisable by any accredited physician or surgeon in an approved emergency clinic or hospital. I (we) further release all Redeemer Lutheran Church Ministerial and Educational Staff or Volunteers from any liability in the event of an accident during or while traveling to and from the above mentioned event.



I (we) hereby grant permission for Redeemer Lutheran Church to take and use pictures of my (our) child(ren) on their website, on their closed Facebook page, or in print for informational and promotional purposes. Please initial: __________



Parent(s) or Legal Guardian(s) Signature(s) & Date:



________________________________________   ________________________________________


Please print above Name(s):



_________________________________________   _______________________________________